A stylish pool bar perfect for a refreshing good time

Manaw Manaw offers up a vibrant and fun setting to enjoy a splash in the pool as well as lemon & lime infused cocktails and drinks that will quench your thirst. Inspired by the days of endless summer.
9 am – 7 pm
Open hours
Poolside service
Sunbathing and Swimming
Healthy Drink
From fresh seasonal fruits
Crafting Creative Cocktails
Delicious Mixes
Kids Friendly
Pool & Fresh drink
Grab & Go
Enjoy snacks at the pool

About the Manaw Manaw
Pool Bar

Best Cocktails and dishes
directly at the pool
Manaw Manaw exudes a vibrant atmosphere with its colorful décor, perfect for leisurely days under the sun.
You can swim in the pool bar to order fresh juice or exotic tropical cocktails or spend the afternoon lounging on a comfortable lounger, enjoying your favorite drinks while reading a book.
Our swim-up pool bar is designed for both those seeking fun and those looking to unwind. It's the perfect family-friendly area to transition into vacation mode.

Manaw Manaw is a contemporary hot spot to relax and refresh.

At our pool bar, you can enjoy a wide variety of cocktails

Manaw Manaw pool bar is located on the premises of the La Green Hotel & Residence
9 am – 7 pm