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Is a completely new standard of Sustainable lifestyles

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La Green Hotel & Residence is the first hotel in Thailand designed and built following the Green Building

Certification Edge

EDGE Advanced is an international standard for green buildings, confirming the contribution to environmental sustainability. It includes a cloud platform for sustainability and utility costs calculation.

We are committed to lowering our carbon footprint and have implemented a variety of sustainable practices throughout our hotel & residence.

We ensure energy saving solutions through the use of solar panels, LED lighting and LOW-E glass.

More about Edge
More about Edge

Products from local producers

Own bakery
We will manufacture baked goods, desserts, pasta and wheat products ourselves, without imports and frozen semi-finished products.
Farm produce
Fresh from the farm to your table, our handpicked ingredients embody the essence of quality and sustainability. Experience the distinctive flavor of farm-fresh goodness with every bite.
Organics food
Cooking with local, seasonal ingredients, with a minimum of imported products. Most of the dishes are cooked from scratch at the hotel.
We’re running the most dangerous experiment in history right now, which is to see how much carbon dioxide the atmosphere... can handle before there is an environmental catastrophe
Elon Musk

Environmentally friendly
and energy efficient hotel buildings

real estate

Minimization of the
negative impact

Protection of the

Reduction of the
utility cost

We, the Layan Green Park team, do not want to waste time discussing this problem, we are using the time productively to solve it by implementing engineering and high-tech solutions!

Green building is more beneficial and less harmful to the environment, and by preserving nature, we take care of ourselves, our children and future generations.

This is not just an idea, but also the reality we live in. Therefore, in the future, high-tech and energy-efficient facilities will be in greater demand compared to regular buildings. This guarantees competitiveness in the real estate rent and sale market to the owners.

The technologies used in the Layan Green Park project will reduce the consumption of electricity and water by 40%. It will save the apartment owners money by reducing the utility bills during the operation of the building.

Environmentally sustainable project
management methods

Reducing the annual consumption of the hotel with our management method compared to a regular hotel

Complete ban on plastic water bottles
28g (grams) / bottle
84g / Daily
standard daily consumption per person
17.7 tonnes
of annual plastic consumption
Paperless check-in
5g (grams) / sheet
weight of one A4 sheet
50g (grams)
are required for each check-in
2.3 tones = 60 Trees / year
of annual consumption
Maximum reduction in product imports
150g (grams)
standard daily consumption per person
143t (tonnes)
the amount of emissions from the delivery of products from the USA and Europe.
37.9 tonnes / 20% food waste
of total annual consumption

Energy efficiency


Water saving solutions


Landscape and green spaces

Participation in environmental conservation activities

LaGreen Hotel & Residence collaborates with several local charities and NGOs to contribute to the community. With a strong emphasis on social responsibility and environmental conservation, we strive to maintain a low-impact environmental footprint that minimizes harm or damage to our surroundings.