The interior design is inspired by the ability nature has to take over anything. The rooftop bar works in harmony with nature as we integrate it in the design and our principals.

Creating a space for people to unwind in an environment that allows guests to feel like they are in a lost wild paradise, while sipping on nature inspired cocktails and listening to our in house band.
2 pm - 12:30 am
Open hours
For Adult Guests
Outdoor Terrace
With a stunning view
Crafting Creative Cocktails
Delicious Mixes
Savoring fine wines
Wine Inspirations
Live Music & Djs
Lounge and Jazz music

About Overgrown Lounge & Cocktail Bar

Best Craft Cocktails, Wines and Drinks
Step into a realm where nature reigns supreme; our interior design is not just inspired by the wilderness but is a celebration of its persistent resilience and enchanting serenity.
Here, everything exists in an exquisite symphony with the natural world, embodying eco-friendly principles and design that extend beyond aesthetics.
Imagine a sanctuary, a wild paradise that seems lost to the ages, where every sigh of relief is accompanied by the soothing rhythms of nature-inspired cocktails being poured and the ambient melodies of our exclusive in-house bands. This is an oasis designed for your relaxation, encouraging a deep, rejuvenating connection with the environment.
Behind the scenes
Welcome to the spirited world of Mr. Phongskorn Ruangjun, also known as Khun Tas, the masterful Beverage Manager and gifted Mixologist.
With over a decade of experience within the hospitality realm, Khun Tas has honed his craft to near perfection, making him a vanguard of the industry.
His reputation as a mixology maestro was cemented when he clinched the coveted title at the La Maison Cointreau competition in Thailand in 2019, further elevating his status by representing his homeland in the global arena, competing with top talents from 15 different nations.
At the heart of Khun Tas's approach is a philosophy that marries innovation with passion.
Backed with High-Tech laboratory equipment, he is not just combining ingredients - but crafting memories, ensuring that each Guest’s encounter with his creations is nothing short of extraordinary.

Special offers and events

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to relax and refresh.

In our pool bar you can enjoy of big assortment different cocktails

Overgrown Lounge & Cocktail Bar is located on the 3rd floor of the building D
2 pm – 12:30 am
+66(0)76 643 888