Immerse yourself in the charm of Sanook, an interactive all day dining experience and the resort's main breakfast restaurant. Designed to replicate an indoor market.

Sanook provides a casual setting during the day for favorite dishes and meals, while transforming into a lively dining destination in the evenings. Featuring a natural ambiance with hints of Phuket Sino-Portuguese heritage, Sanook serves classic local staple dishes with a focus on the spicy and intricate flavors of Southern Thai food.
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Southern Thai Cuisine
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11:00 - 23:00
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About the kitchen and the chef of the Sanook restaurant

Southern Thai Cuisine

Experience the enchantment of Sanook, an interactive all-day dining experience and the resort's primary breakfast venue.

Sanook is modeled after an indoor market. During the day, you can enjoy your favorite dishes in a relaxed atmosphere, and as the evening sets in, it transforms into a lively dining destination.

At Sanook restaurant, you'll find a natural ambiance infused with elements of Phuket's Chinese-Portuguese heritage. Here, in a family-friendly setting, classic local dishes are served, showcasing spicy and intricate flavors of Southern Thai cuisine. It's a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a diverse assortment of regional delicacies.

Every dish is a symphony of meticulously balanced flavors offering a delicious and gratifying taste sensation at any time of the day.

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Sanook Restaurant is located on the premises of the La Green Hotel & Residence in building B
on the 1st floor
6:30 - 23:00
+66(0)76 643 841